Letter to the Editor: Divide and conquer


They use Don’s “bubble headed bleach blondes,” they got dark haired male ones too. They’re at it 24/7 spewing lies to me and you. They ruffle all the feathers, ‘stead of bringing us together, and they lie and they lie and we die and we die. Cause they’re the chaos makers, they make money on it, they make money goin’ up, they make money goin’ down. And you can have a piece of it, if you got no soul, but some of us know better, rather be dead inside our hole, than take the silver pieces, to sell our dignity, we know the cost of freedom, and it doesn’t come for free. So they lie and they lie, and we try and we try, to point out that they’re lyin’, but they call us all their names. And meanwhile in the Ukraine, they’re blowin’ each other down, a hundred thousand Ukrainian kids are no longer around. While over in America, it’s the left against the right, the MSM does everything to instigate a fight. And they lie and we die, you can see it if you try, see the beat downs in the cities, see the news announcers lie. They’re runnin’ over cops, and burnin’ cities up, and plowin’ down parades, sendin’ people to their graves. But if you talk about it, they turn it back at you, like the parents who complain about all the sexual junk in schools. Well don’t stop tryin’ people, we can overcome this thing, but you better hurry up because the bell’s about to ring. Please don’t let the chaos makers break us right in two, ’cause the only way it stops is when you call their lies out too.

Robert Milne