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Letter to the Editor: Do something about those berms

I’m very concerned about the snow plows leaving 3 to 4, sometimes a 5 foot-berm of snow in our driveway entrances. I’m not sure who’s responsible for plowing Grizzly Road, but it is not acceptable. I’m a disabled vet, on oxygen, in a wheelchair. I can’t plow. I spent close to $5000 for a plow, and a snow blower. My wife, 71 yr old, plowed our driveway, but every morning, we have a snow berm which blocks us from leaving. What the f—- is wrong with this? Lazy operators, I think we need to look at supervisor personnel. I pay in excess of $3000 in property taxes, plus gas tax, road tax. Just what happens if I have a medical emergency, I just sit here and die waiting for a first responder? A good majority of my neighbors are in the same condition, retired, and can’t clean out the snow berms left by road crews. I ask all Portola residents, and Pumas County residents, this needs to change, and soon. County Administers, if you don’t change you policies, maybe we will change them for you, Remember the POWER of the vote, Most of you were voted into office, and can be removed.

Calvin Sawyer


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