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Letter to the Editor: Don’t put it on the only green space in Quincy

This Letter is directed to the Board of Directors of Plumas County.

Here in Quincy we are blessed to have a downtown park. But our downtown park is under assault. There is a small group of business people and others who would like to tear our park out. This park is the heart and soul of downtown Quincy. If you’ve ever traveled much, especially in Mexico and South America, almost all the towns, large and small, have a Zocolo, a town square. That Is what our Plaza is, It is our town square! It is a place where kids can run and play, a place where PCT hikers can stop and rest, have some food at one of the picnic tables and gear up to head into the downtown area to stock up on supplies on their way North. It is a place where Plumas Arts can host evening concerts during the summer. It is a place where tourists that have driven up from the Bay Area can let  their kids out of the car, after hours in the car, and let them run around and burn some energy off in the downtown area.

So, my Question to the other Supervisors is; How would you and your constituents like it if the state came into your town and wanted to buy the Collins Park in Chester or the county park in Chester and pave it over? How would the people of Graeagle like it if the state wanted to come in and buy their downtown park, where they hold all their arts and crafts fairs? How would the people of Portola like it if the state came in and wanted to buy their downtown park where they have their “Concerts on the Green” in the summertime?

I think Greg Hagwood sees the light but we won’t know until the vote is in, so this appeal is mainly to The Other Board of Supervisors asking you to think about; if this was in your neighborhood with your constituents how would you feel?

We’re not saying don’t build the courthouse, We’re just saying, don’t build the courthouse in our downtown park when there are plenty of other places to build it. Why build the Court House in the only green space in downtown Quincy?

Thanks for listening,

Bob Beckwith

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