Letter to the Editor: Effective COVID Prevention/Treatment:  Build A Better Fort

Wow, no local medical professionals took me up on my invitation to look further into inconsistencies of COVID vaccines/info in a public forum.
Let’s take a different approach:  COVID prevention.  During the pandemic, people were mostly told to stay at home if they tested positive & come back to the hospital if their condition worsened.  This goes against immunological principles which state that there are 2 participants in a microbial infection:  the microbe & the host.  The above recommendation leads one to believe that the “wait & see” approach to what happens if you become infected is the only choice out there.  I disagree.  I think it is imperative that each & every one of us needs to build a better fort (my metaphor for a stronger immune system to resist the invading microbes.).
Which fort would you rather have:  one with aging, unhealthy warriors who have a few ancient weapons, a moat with no H2O & 1 blind crocodile, & multiple large holes in the structure of the fort or a fort with young, trained warriors possessing the latest lethal weapons, a hundred-foot moat with multiple voracious crocodiles, & a beefed-up structure with 100-foot walls reinforced with steel?
Please don’t be a helpless individual who fears getting sick.  It’s simple:  build a better fort!
Jim Cross ND, LAc