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Letter to the Editor: Emo kayfabe Fox fans



In the interactive kayfabe Fox News universe, fans fight the good fight and always win. Devil Dems draw the heat. It’s hard to believe viewers vote for “policies,” invested as they are in culture wars and programming that plays to their whims and emotions. They argue a handful of decent policies justify anything Trump does, ignoring that every administration has policies people like.

In “Ring Master: Vince McMahon and the Unmaking of America,” woke author Abraham Riesman spotlights the populist Right through the lens of the WWE; the business, the celebrities, the circus. We already know Trump will show up. Three stars on Amazon. One star from professional wrestling enthusiasts who know all the stories and expected more, one star, predictably from the Right, bemoaning “unfair Liberal bias.” Everybody else, five stars.

The U.S. is number one in violent gun deaths among large rich nations. Most Americans want better background checks and restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. All-in on the gimmick, the Right cares more about “triggering the Libs.”

As the heroic face of “real” America, Fox pundits and viewers posture and preen and rebuke Liberal heels. Censuring whatever doesn’t reflect their antidemocratic blowhard ethos. McMahon’s example, overlapping characters like Rupert Murdoch, and Right-wing victim mentality have brought us the spectacle of Trump’s presidency, the MAGA attack on the Capitol, MTG’s carny insult war on Democrats, Catturd, and the first indicted ex-president. While their champion, Everyman Jim Jordan, hams up cheap pops in his shirt sleeves and Tucker crawls back to Trump, more obsequious than ever before. Who knew it was humanly possible? Everything larger than life, slipshod and obvious, keeps the marks on the edge of their seats, pumped up and ready to rumble.

Helene Day


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