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Letter to the Editor: Energy and fresh ideas

Often when choosing a candidate, we have a clear choice due to a candidate’s poor reputation or character issues. As I look at the current Assessor’s race, there are two good people running for the seat. Both have a long history of living and serving community in Plumas County. I have decided to support and vote for Amy Hendrickson. Amy is full of good ideas; she has tremendous energy and wants to make changes within the office.

I have worked with many homeowners before, during and after construction over the last 40 years as a building contractor in Plumas County. I have often referred individuals to Amy at the Assessor’s office when they have asked for information or have had questions regarding their homes. I have always heard back that she was quick to respond, knowledgeable and helpful. That says quite a bit about her character.

The leadership of the Assessor’s office has remained the same for many years and the current Assessor was handpicked by the former; sometimes it’s good to change things and bring in new, fresh ideas. I believe Amy Hendrickson is the person who can make that happen. Please join me and my family and vote for Amy Hendrickson as our next County Assessor.

Mike Beatty



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