Letter to the Editor: Enjoy the farmers’ market and farm stand

For so long our community got together in Quincy for a weekly farmers’ market. Kids could run around safely and barefooted. Several local farmers shared their produce with us. Remember Kyle’s pasta?  Lots of local musicians donated their time and talents. Many others brought their crafts. Thanks to Lori Ellermeyer we now have a Saturday Market. And thanks to the Lost Sierra Food Project we have a farm stand on Rugged Roots Farm across from the Quincy airport.
The first farm stand will be Tuesday, June 14, from 5-7. There will be a farm stand every Tuesday til the Pumpkin Patch. Expect big fun! On the 14th we’ll get to see the Kid’s Zone where Farmer Kari may be making crafts, eating snacks and singing songs, silk screening with Megan (bring a light colored tee shirt), order from a food truck brought to us by Yumz Eatery, buy produce harvested that day, dance in the dirt to Night Brain, our local musicians, and maybe drink a beer.
We know that garden fresh greens are the best. With the farm so close in town, the produce tastes just as delicious and think about the miles from the farm to your fork. Practically zilch.
This event is for all of us to celebrate another summer and each other.
See you there.
Nance Reed