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Letter to the Editor: Enlightenment

I would like to respond to two letters who responded to my last letter. First to Hal Hein. I am fully aware that the problem goes beyond Donald Trump and that others could and will pose a future problem. I agree with you 100% and did not mean to sound otherwise. But your first sentence:” Donald Trump is not the problem” is absolutely not true today. TODAY Donald Trump spearheads the problem PERIOD.

And to my friend Nick. Your condescending response is expected. WOKE: I looked it up and the first definition I saw was 1. Alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism. While I do believe that to be happening that was not what my letters were even dealing with. Also I saw this: WOKE is weaponized by those on the political right as a way to denigrate those who disagree with their political beliefs-that would be you Nick.

As far as “you might actually be enlightened to what our country is facing now” I say this. Do you know what the three greatest problems are facing our country? 1. Democracy 2. Democracy 3. Democracy. Nick, inflation is a very small issue when you compare it to what Democracy is and what it will mean to the future inhabitants of our country if we lose it. Look no further than how things are handled in Russia (remember Putin is Trump’s idol) today. An example: after the war in Ukraine started Putin mused that if someone was even to utter the word “war” about it they could go to jail. Within two weeks it became Russian law that a citizen who uttered the word in public could get 15 years in jail. That’s the way it works in Autocracies.

Right now the Republican party is turning autocratic right before our eyes with Donald Trump the lead autocrat. Liz Cheney, who I very much disagree with on issues, realizes this and look at the price that she has paid. I long for the days when my political rivals were decent people like Liz Cheney or John McCain. I disagree with Liz’s politics as much as Trump’s (she voted with Trump 92.9% ofthe time) but at least I know she is an honest person who respects and loves Democracy. Nick, it was voters like you who voted Adolph Hitler into office in Germany (circa 1932) and remember one of his main slogans “Make Germany Great Again.” Sound familiar?

Dan Hopkins


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