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Letter to the Editor: Enough of the garbage talk

This letter is in response to Mark Mihevc.

You obviously only listen to “mainstream media”, as you only have the information the main stream media has put out and absolutely NO actual facts.  Check the facts, as you are incorrect on almost all counts.

It is people as yourself that are either not capable of finding the whole truth or just do not want to know the whole truth that are truly tearing our country apart.

We need more than ever to heal as a nation.

The tech giants and the mainstream media feast on pawns like you to feed the hate.

If you care about this nation, shut up, stop typing and stop fueling the hate with uniformed and one-sided opinions from those, that for unknown reasons what to divide and destroy this nation.

Sorry to the rest of you, just had about enough of the garbage talk.

Craig Browne


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