Letter to the Editor: Everyone can be a hero

I am greately honored to receive recognition from the Plumas County Fire Safe Council for the work I have done trying to help after both the Camp fire that destroyed Paradise, and the Dixie Fire which recently destroyed my hometown of Greenville CA.  I must admit that it is difficult to accept recognition for past actions when the people and communities of Greenville, Indian Falls, and elsewhere in Plumas county still need so much help. But every member of the Plumas Fire Safe Council is a hero to me, and to be honored by people who I so deeply admire is something I will treasure forever.
The great bard Shakespeare once wrote that “Some of us are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”  All of us fit somewhere in those 3 options, and I hope everyone who reads my words will believe in their own ability to be a hero…. for their children, for their community, and for themselves.
Ken Donnell