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Letter to the Editor: Excellent job City of Portola; county should do the same

Ms. Lauren Knox, Portola City Manager, Please extend my sincere thanks to the Portola city attorney, Steve Gross, and all the city council members for their excellent comment letter sent to Plumas County regarding the proposed aggregate mine and asphalt operation in northeast Portola. The city rightly questions many aspects of this mining expansion since it is in the city’s sphere of influence affecting the livability of this town.

I appreciate the city listening to its residents and neighbors just outside the city limits. I especially appreciate the city council being open to public participation via Zoom and telephone. Your willingness and effort to read all public comment was commendable and simply awesome. If only Plumas County would follow the City of Portola’s example and allow its residents such open access to governance.

Well done!

Dave Valle
Portola, CA

PS. Special hats off to Council Member Phil Oels for his comments.

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