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Letter to the Editor: Give me a sign

California District 1 Democrats are now legally displaying campaign signs less than 90 days prior to the November 3rd election day. The signs display our amazing, intelligent, steadfast, honorable Democratic candidates who will serve “We the People,” rather than the corporate powers that be.

Corporations are deemed “persons” by corrupt courts which have enabled them to lavishly fund the campaigns of many politicians on both sides of the political spectrum. Guess whom these politicians serve. Hint: not we citizens.

Our own Audrey Denney for Congress, Pamela Swartz for State Senate and Elizabeth Betancourt for State Assembly accept no corporate funding, unlike their opponents, and therefore these democratic candidates are not beholden to big money interests when they win their campaigns. Their support comes from their constituents to be, and we have funded them well due to our desperation to see positive governance that works for us, for our environment, communities, state, and nation.

My neighbors and I have been subjected to GOP campaign signs continuously, since winter 2019, months before the March 2020 primary. Those displaying their favorite big money politicians could have chosen to uphold their cherished “family values” and abide by the law: display campaign signs no sooner than 90 days prior to, and 10 days post election.

Dear neighbor: please give me a sign that you are a law abiding, solicitous, and sympathetic citizen. Take your GOP signs down on Election Day, November 3rd. Please save me the extra legal 10 days after the election so that I can enjoy our neighborhood once again after 11 months of subjection to your candidate’s names, daily reminding me that I don’t live in a democratic nation, but a corporatocracy enabled and supported by your candidates.

Lisa Fredrikson
Graeagle, CA

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