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Letter to the Editor: Give them the stink eye

Our current anti-covid measures are falling short. Some still don’t get it. I have a new solution for convincing the public on our covid mitigation campaign. This is the age-old proven technique: “The Stink Eye.” A non-verbal body language. A silent glare of disapproval. Not blatant outrage or disgust. But the subtle que of what the British call “low brow or poor form.” Same for both urban and rural environments. I hear the same reasons:

1. Mask annoys me

2. Masks are non-effective.

3. Graphs are meaningless.

4. I am not sick, therefore I am not contagious.

5. I have my rights.

All these reasons carry a certain amount of valid points. Our main technique of reminding an unmasked person is a polite reciting of robotic dry boilerplate regulations. This is ineffective.

Therefore, we must bring back what worked when we were naughty 10-year olds. It is called “Stink eye.” Everyone knows it well from growing up. Every child has gotten one or two in childhood. Anyone can throw the “Stink Eye.” You can throw one without crossing the threshold of being threatening or being the mask police. Any schoolteacher can remind you how to do it correctly.

Go to the mirror and practice it like you remember as a kid. Remember in your past of catching a “Stink Eye.” I myself received many — unruly at school, wearing smelly gym shoes at gym school class, delivering the wrong answer in Sunday school, or later repeatedly keep missing the ashtray in a bar.

This all comes back perfectly clear. Ninety percent of offenders immediately become aware of their offense and correct themselves (getting it) accordingly as in any civilized society. The remaining 10 percent will never correct themselves. Prepare yourselves in the mirror. The “Stink eye” is a proven passive non-threatening technique.

Larry Weaver


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