Letter to the Editor: Great place to get married

My family were on vacation at Lake Almanor the week of July 11. My brother said it was time to get married to his long-time love. Quincy provided everything we needed to pull off the perfect impromptu wedding.

Marcy DeMartile and the very welcoming staff at the County Clerk’s office helped us through the entire process. We purchased wedding attire (Quincy T-shirts) and flowers for the bride at local stores. My brother and his wife were married under the giant sequoia in front of the courthouse. Marcy conducted the ceremony with the four sisters as bridesmaids. What a wonderful time we had thanks to all the courthouse employees who wished my family well. The sandwich shop next door to the courthouse provided a great wedding lunch.

Quincy will certainly remain in our hearts as the sweet town where a wonderful wedding happened.

Helen Wiener