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Letter to the Editor: Greenville

Greenville didnt burn….Then it burned.

Was a pleasant little town that never hurt anyone.

What a name.    “Greenville.”

It was Green and a Ville.

The School and  Dollar General didn’t burn.

Greenville changed over the years that I drove though it.

Mostly it was just a new coat of paint.

A bigger sign seen here and there.

Always the red light.

These mountain towns  had it made

When they got their red light.

No longer a little Burg. Now a Ville.

This has always been Greenville.

The fire did not claim 50 lives in Greenville.

As victims, we have gained strength…

To do a controlled run.

Learned to survive.

For a while it will be Greenburg.

For a while it will be Grey or Brownburg.

Then one day it will be Greenburg.

And Greenville once again.

I dream of the Redlight.


Wayne Pierce

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