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Letter to the Editor: Greenville’s water issues

The issue of Greenville’s water possibly being contaminated, has been long standing. My ex-husband, Kurt Bohne, and I, built a home at the bottom of Round Valley Road, in the 1960’s; it’s still standing, the fire did not take it out. The second owners have lived there, since that time.

As first owners, Kurt and I, fought the good fight in that our water came out of our newly installed well, a bright golden color, and dyed everything we owned, to match. We could not drink it for long, so I carried water from the stream across the street, and boiled it daily until Bruce Bidwell, owner of the Greenville water company, ran a plastic hose, a very long distance, across the stream, through a meadow, across another road, and up our driveway, to our home. We used the well for outside needs, only.

In the meantime, I learned about all the mining that took place in the prior years, starting at our property, some 40 acres, and three miles straight up to Round Valley Lake and beyond. I, personally, searched for, and found as many of the mines as were accessible. I truly made every effort to investigate further, but I always ended up with little information. I finally told the county supervisor from Greenville and Indian Valley, Bob Hunter, that it was his issue, I was tired. He said he would take it on, and he did, but he simply could not get very far; no one wanted to get into it, so the issue just faded away.

When I was eventually elected to the board of supervisors, years later, I tried to reopen the issue of Greenville’s water, but to no avail, however, it was later discovered that a mine in the Canyon Dam area was also, possibly polluting Indian Creek as well; another issue, but a different direction. That issue was never settled, either; so now, maybe Greenville will finally get some answers concerning their water, we’ll see.

Nansi Bohne


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