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Letter to the Editor: Hagwood learn to be a supervisor first

I care about the Sheriff’s race, but I sure care about the County’s services more. How about Greg Hagwood pay better attention to the county’s downward spiral, instead of pretending to be genuinely concerned about the Sheriff’s Department? Mr. Hagwood, you’re now the County Supervisor, not the Sheriff. Your recent letter to the editor did nothing but reveal your true character, and your head in the sand performance with respect to the county’s poor performance in managing its business. There is maybe one or two on the board or in the county qualified to manage next year’s budget. You have no Auditor, and nobody stepping up to fill that position. You have no Behavior Health Director. You have no CAO. One thing you do have, is a lot of nerve criticizing others. And let’s be real, you were appointed Sheriff yourself. You had an opponent that didn’t give you much competition in your first race. You were unopposed in your subsequent elections, and you stopped short of finishing the job so you could jump on an easy win for Supervisor. Get to work as Supervisor, because so far, we’re not impressed.

 Caleb Eckels


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