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Letter to the Editor: Homeowner insurance in Plumas

I am writing this letter concerning Home Owner Insurance in Plumas County.]

Due to both the North/Bear Complex and then the Dixie Fire, the California State Insurance Commissioner enacted a moratorium on outright cancellation of Homeowner Insurance Policies. ( You could still be cancelled for non payment, and it did not preclude companies from raising your rates) Many people have seen increases in their rates in the past several years,and for some, rates have more than doubled.

This moratorium is due to expire in the very near future. How will various insurance companies respond to the lifting of this moratorium? Will there be mass cancellations, additional rate increases, or for some, little change in rates?

I would encourage folks to contact our State Senator, Brian Dahle,and our State Represntative, Megan Dahle, and Governor Newsom and ask them what plans they may be formulating to address the possibility of large scale cancellations, and what proposals they might put forward to to assist those of us who may be impacted.

Gavin Newsom: (916) 445-2841

Brian Dahle (916) 651-4001

Megan Dahle (530) 223-6300 or (916) 319-2001

It also appears decisions on cancellation and rate increases seem to be incredibly aribtrary, with some people seeing little change in rates, while others in close proximity are experiencing enormous rate increases, even by the same company.

I would suggest as consumers we should at least be able to to get concise information about what standards are being applied that determine our rates.
The California Fair Plan is available , however, it can be quite expensive, and you must obtain liability and other coverages through another Insurance Carrier, and it is not clear ( at least to me) whether the Fair Plan covers a non Wildfire fire in your home ( ie: wiring or other type of home fire)

We need answers and it is time this critical issue is addressed. How are people going to be able to buy/sell homes here if Fire Insurance coverage is unafforable or not available? How are existing residents going to afford to pay huge insurance bills? Those on fixed incomes?

Adele Myers


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