Letter to the Editor: Honor the Native Americans

In the spirit of President Trump’s recent executive order declaring November 1st a National Day of Remembrance for Americans killed by Illegal Immigrants, I’d like to acknowledge the importance of honoring our fallen brothers and sisters, the native peoples of this land. We are but mere guests on the soil of the Maidu, the Shoshone and the Washoes. Across this nation, the bones of tens of millions of fallen Americans riddle the landscape, most unknown. And who perpetuated, and continues to perpetuate, this catastrophic tragedy? The violent and dangerous illegal aliens of course.

It was the vile terrorists the likes of General Custer and Andrew Jackson who slaughtered the true Americans. We stole the land that we live on. There’s not a mountain or a molehill on the American continent that did not once belong to the native people first. People can go on and on about BLM and Antifa, but those injustices pale in comparison to the over six hundred year genocide against Native Americans. It doesn’t matter who’s the president, the congress or on the city council because there are no native people in the government; all American elections are fraudulent because they have never elected or even acknowledged the will of native peoples in their own land and are thus not a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This is their land and it ain’t ours. Never forget the courageous men, women and children who died defending their home from hordes of bloodthirsty illegal aliens. God Bless Native Americans.

Dylan Coffman