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Letter to the Editor: I am also concerned about lack of COVID information

Darrah Hopper asks if others are concerned about Covid numbers not being given by Plumas County Health Department. The answer is “yes.” I share these concerns and I have spoken with others who are frustrated by the lack of information being given to the public. We are learning about alarming increases in numbers elsewhere. What about here?

We understand the Department is understaffed and overworked. That stated, information to the public is one of its principal responsibilities, one which should be given priority. Knowing what is going on here with the pandemic helps all of us make the personal decisions which will help determine how many cases of this disease we will have in Plumas County.


Earlier in the pandemic it seemed to me the Health Department was doing as good a job as could be with the circumstances. Recently this has no longer been the case. I am concerned by reports that staff have at least twice given dates when new Covid numbers would be released, then failed to provide them at the stated time. My personal experience suggests confusion and possibly inadequate leadership is responsible for this.

David Brown
Meadow Valley

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