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Letter to the Editor: I am voting Yes

Citizens of Plumas County, do your part.

Mr. Mihevc, I must disagree with you. You say we are in danger of losing California and the country. I assert, we lost California several years ago and unless we take back the power that is rightfully ours, we will lose the country. Look at the policies that a Democratic majority in the California legislature have initiated over the past 15 years. Our legislators have decided it is more imperative to assist endangered species than it is to assist our own citizens. Our veterans go without housing or assistance but others are given hotel rooms in Sacramento. We’ve tied the hands of our forest managers to save an owl or frog at the expense of hundreds of thousands of acres lost to wildfires and no one knows how many animals.

You suggest that states with Republican governments are killing people. California leads the nation in the number of total cases and deaths, followed by New York. Of the top ten states with the highest numbers of cases, seven are governed by Democrats. Of the top ten states with the highest number of deaths, six are governed by Democrats. These are not facts I’m pulling out of thin air, they are available for verification at usafacts.org.

There are several local and state governments considering going back to mandated masking, even for vaccinated individuals, due to current COVID rates. We were told if you get vaccinated, you will no longer need to wear a mask. Now we are being told masks may be required once again for all individuals. Some jurisdictions are considering requiring you provide proof of vaccination to enter certain businesses or venues. And I’ve heard there is discussion of needing an additional booster shot.

We the People of the United States, the preamble to the US Constitution means all of us, every single one. We the people are guaranteed our rights not by this document, but by our creator, whomever you may believe that is. The Constitution was not written to define our rights, rather it was written to restrict the government from what it is and is not allowed to do to the citizens of this nation. It seems to me, the Democratic party seems to have forgotten that. We are a free people and the government only has that power which we allow them to have. For too long, the Democratic party has held the attitude that they and they alone know what is best for the people. I don’t blame them, I blame people that support and elect them to go represent our interests. What they need to be reminded of is, that even though some of the people of their district may not be affiliated with their party, they are still the representative of that individual and they need to listen and consider what that individual has to say. I hope you will take that into consideration when you read my response. If you value your freedom, and I for one do, vote YES on recall and get that ballot in on time.

Ray Irons

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