Letter to the Editor: I can replace those BIDEN/HARRIS signs

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a the previously published letter titled: This 94-year-old says leave the signs alone

Hello Mrs. Leone’ Davis,

I was personally moved by your recent letter to the editor piece and I would like to help. I am so happy that you are as revved up as so many are in this election process and excited that you see a vision for your grandchildren and great grandchildren in BIDEN / HARRIS. I realize that this is such a pendulum shifting election and that it matters so much … So much that the Trumpers in our community have taken to the desperate act of defacing or stealing signs.
I would be so happy to make a contribution with your name to the BIDEN / HARRIS campaign and get you a NEW sign! They can steal our signs but they cannot steal our vote or voice! I have given my details to Debra Moore, please reach out to her so that I can deliver your new BIDEN / HARRIS 2020 sign!

“When they go low, we go high” -Michelle Obama

Christopher Rouse