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Letter to the Editor: I choose not to fear the virus

Since this pandemic began, our [so-called] leaders and [so-called] experts have continually come up with numbers to scare us and numbers that will save us.

Most recently and once again the “stay at home” orders and near complete closure of our state. The current magic number is December 7th to January 4th. Just enough time to end the pandemic?

More accurate: Just enough time to create more hardship for families. Just enough time to bankrupt more small businesses. Just enough time to make more people government dependent. Just enough time to completely change how we celebrate the most significant Christian holiday with church, family and friends. Just enough time to witness more people suffering from depression and more suicides. Just enough time to further weaken our natural immune systems. Just enough time for nothing good to happen again.

That facts are mankind and science currently cannot completely stop illness and death. Whether it be the flu virus, pneumonia, cancer, suicide, accidents, and this list goes on.

No magic number or government mandate to end socialization will eradicate or even slow down this virus. Nine months of mandates and “following the science” should be proof enough that these tactics are not working. The sad fact is some people will die from this virus. But most will not.

Maybe it is time to put faith in your God, and if God is not in your beliefs, than at least in the marvel of the human body to survive.

Our freedoms give “we the people” the right to make choices. This government should never be given the current complete control our lives and livelihood.

You have the right to choose: Stay at home and avoid human contact or live you life as a social human. Wear a mask or not. Avoid people who do not wear a mask or not. Celebrate Christmas at church or not. Celebrate Christmas with family and friends or not. Go to work as normal or not. Send your children to school or not.

The complete failure of government and science to end this virus is fact.

The unintended [or not] consequences of the actions taken by government are numerous and no less deadly and damaging to us today and to our future.

It is time to take back Freedom and choice.

Time to tell our elected leaders we did not elect them to bypass our constitutional rights with “executive orders”.

When will we realize the fear is worse than the virus.

When will we realize the damage done in an attempt to end the virus is more damaging then the virus.

Just my opinion.

But the facts are what they are. I choose not to fear the virus and I choose not to have a government I fear.

Craig Browne


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