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Letter to the Editor: I feel safer out of Plumas County

Recently I read an article in your paper that stated that Plumas County was #1 in the state for the highest cases of Covid-19 per 100,000. Today I tried to find out how many cases there are this week. Impossible to find. Monday was a holiday. Supposedly we will find out today. Today is almost over.

It would be beneficial to know these numbers sooner and more often. It would also help all of us know where our outbreaks are. We need accurate and daily information like we had when we first had the onset of this pandemic.

We did a pretty good job keeping it at bay. Now we are just experiencing such an explosion of cases in our county.

Our hospital doesn’t feel safe. No one is there to vet you before you enter.

Please do your job at the Health Department. Our lives are in your hands. Our community can only function with a plan in place.
What is your plan?

I felt safer when I visited places outside of our county. Everyone wore a mask everywhere I went.

I am immune compromised and would appreciate our county taking this virus more seriously. We would all like to get back to normal. Make guidelines that promote just that.

I have grandchildren that I worry about in our schools.

As a community we need to protect them. They are unable to all get vaccines.

Please think of them and their safety. Be respectful, kind and diligent.

I try and stay positive and it’s getting harder living here. We are neighbors, friends, strangers and allies. Let’s work together and stop the spread.

Ellie Heiman


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