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Letter to the Editor: I support Cline for Sheriff

As a former Plumas County Deputy Sheriff (The First full time Deputy Sheriff for Eastern Plumas County 1956) and a CHP Officer with 32 years in Public Safety in the State of California, I have been following the Sheriff election closely.

I have worked for some good and some bad supervisors, in fact I quit the CHP mainly because of very poor supervision as did other officers at about the same time. I feel that it is time for me to voice my thoughts about the Plumas County race for sheriff.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office Employees have voiced their feelings as well as the immediately former Sheriff, showing their support for Dwight Cline. I feel that there is not a better or more knowledgeable group of people than those that have worked with and under the supervision both candidates.

Sheriff Hagwood has received some criticism for supporting Cline, again who is more qualified to recommend than a man that worked with and also Supervised both men.

As for the people that have chosen to criticize Hagwood for supporting Cline, I thank Hagwood for looking out for the wellbeing of his constituents and the residents of Plumas County

I have no doubt that Todd Johns is a good man and a good Deputy Sheriff, he has served Plumas County Honorably for 30+ years, but that does not mean that he is a good supervisor or manager.

I have sat and visited with Dwight Cline about the Sheriff’s Office and the upcoming election, and I have to vote for and support Dwight Cline.
Please consider Voting for Dwight Cline when you cast your vote.

Chesley Pence Sr.


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