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Letter to the Editor: I support Dwight Cline for Sheriff

From a personal perspective, I support Dwight because of his visions for our beautiful county. He wants to refresh and renew some wonderful departmental projects, including the reserve program and volunteer program. How awesome would it be to have staffed substations so if the public stop by with questions, they could be greeted and helped? Or have a volunteer force for our many community events?

So many PCSO employees support Dwight as a Sheriff candidate. They may not be able to display yard signs or post publicly on Facebook due to potential retaliation, but please understand – the majority support him. Todd may say he has an open-door policy, and that he’s willing to listen to employee concerns – but this is all very convenient at election time. Current employees look back at the years he’s been sheriff (and in management) and remember how they were treated then, and how things were run. He’s been silent for 2 years on retention, recruitment, and morale problems. All of a sudden at election time, he cares?

Dwight is focused on employees first. He cares about the department and how low morale currently is. He cares about our staffing levels and how important recruitment is. I recruit on a daily basis for my job, and I know how difficult it is to do in a rural county. But – there are modern ways to recruit, and I don’t see the current administration attempting these. I’m excited to hear about Dwight’s ideas for recruitment and I expect to see him implement these ideas if elected.

It’s sad to see the opposition’s attack on Dwight and how they are attempting to smear his name and say that he’s lying about having the majority of the department’s support. Go talk to a deputy and get their own opinion. Don’t believe the niceties you hear in the Women’s League forums and what Johns posts on his website. Go get actual facts from employees and listen closely.

Vote wisely, the future of this county depends on it.

Jennie Mathews


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