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Letter to the Editor: I trust Edlund to put ALL of our children first

I have a been a pretty outspoken critic of Plumas Unified School District, so it may surprise some to learn I am supporting Leslie Edlund in her reelection campaign for PUSD Trustee. There are a lot of reasons, but the most important is that I trust her to put our children first. ALL of our children. I also trust her to follow state and federal laws regarding education, of which there are many, and to make sure our district is fiscally sound. She knows the job, the good and the bad, unlike her opponent. I have never had a problem contacting her as my East Quincy representative about school issues and receiving a response. Not once.

Mr. Hakalir is a newcomer to Plumas County. He hasn’t been involved in the schools in any capacity for long and has no idea of the realities of governing a small, rural school district or the challenges we face. At a recent League of Women Voters forum, he asked why PUSD hadn’t installed air conditioning districtwide with Measure B funds. He sits on the Measure B committee, a committee I am also on, so he should know how much the bond was for and where that money went. A good chunk of it went to upgrading the electrical systems in our old facilities so that they could handle future power needs—including air conditioning.

Unlike Mr. Hakalir, I have toured every school in this district. Every single campus. Each community has unique needs and priorities. Each school has unique challenges. Continuing to recover from pandemic learning loss and navigating the long term fiscal and logistical impacts of the Dixie Fire will require steady, experienced leadership and a deep knowledge of our communities. I know Ms. Edlund is up for the job. I am not confident Mr. Hakalir is ready for the time and training required to make our children the priority they should be. We need strong, competent leadership on our school board. I urge you to re-elect Leslie Edlund.

Amber McMichael

East Quincy

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