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Letter to the Editor: I was just so surprised

Imagine my surprise to find that the most exciting part of a contentious board meeting was when the newspaper reporter and a disabled resident got into a shouting match with each pointing fingers and yelling across a crowded room calling each other liars. Two things were very apparent: emotions were running high and the reported was not a neutral observer.

Imagine my added surprise when I find the paper actually published the reporter’s article, despite his obvious bias shown at the meeting. Of course, his long history covering the board and his previous serving on that board would make him a valuable source of information. However, that information really needed to be sieved through a less biased writer.

Was the reporting wrong? I can’t tell. I do know that the order of some of the facts in the article is not the same order that we heard they happened in the meeting or in official postings.

I also know that our sheriff stepped up to calm the public because the new GM threatened to have members of the public removed and Sheriff Johns wanted us to know that wasn’t going to happen, but things would go smoother if we could all calm down and quit shouting. That was long before the reporter started shouting. Interesting he didn’t report on that.

Darrah Hopper


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