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Letter to the Editor: I will miss Plumas News; Thomas Jefferson would agree

When asked whether he would prefer a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, Thomas Jefferson chose newspapers without government. That’s because a democracy and a civil society require an informed populace in order to make informed decisions and to keep the government in check.

It is sad to know our beloved Plumas County newspaper (‘The Paper’) is going away. Ever since I have lived here, the paper has always had top-notch editors and writers. I was told that the paper has received awards over the years – I can see why. It was also the paper of record for our county.

Their exceptional editor Debra Moore and staff writers produced a quality news source that could be trusted and that people relied upon. But I can understand why they are ending PlumasNews.com and I can see how a limited staff can be exhausted. It isn’t easy to produce accurate, encompassing, and timely news articles on a tight budget.

It is wonderful to know however that a new online news source is coming to Plumas County. We as residents need to support PlumasSun.org as much as we can. My hope is that eventually PlumasSun.org will be as great and encompassing as PlumasNews.com.

Will PlumasSun.org have Letters to the Editor? I hope so. Letters are as important as news articles. Letters (and Sentences to the Editor) allow citizens to voice their opinions and to inform the public on newsworthy items yet to be published.

On a personal note, I sincerely appreciate the Letter writers who voice support for my Letters. It was greatly appreciated. I was told long ago that naming people in a Letter was not appropriate except for elected officials and similar titled people. I continued using that rule although not currently enforced.

Did I mentioned that I hope PlumasSun.org publishes Letters to the Editor…

I will miss PlumasNews.com.

Mark Mihevc


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