Letter to the Editor: I won’t leave Quincy no matter who wins

I find two recent Letters To The Editor to be quite telling about people in America. 1st, there is the letter on 30 Oct. by Craig Browne which, to me, is what difference of political opinion should be about: stating what you believe, listening to other opinions, & moving on win or lose as he says in his letter: If your candidate wins, I will not hate him or you. I will be disappointed, even anxious. But, I will get over it and it won’t take 4 years.

On the other side, for me, is Faith Strailey’s myopic and petty letter. 2 e.g.: the theft of Biden signs. Well, my neighbor had 2 of her Trump signs stolen, so I think it goes both ways. Another e.g.: she doesn’t capitalize Trump’s name.

For me, there are 2 extremely cogent reasons to not re-elect Donald J. Trump:

1. His environmental record is abysmal. E.g. #1: his EPA re-authorized the herbicide Atrazine, proven to cause irreparable harm to the environment, esp. to the reproductive system. People have to understand that you cannot have a healthy, functioning human body if your environment is excessively polluted. Eg. #2: emphasizing the use of coal, oil, & natural gas over renewable energy sources. There may be a debate over global warming but there is an enormous amount of good, scientific evidence on the deleterious health effects of burning excessive amounts of fossil fuels.


2. His lack or moral character. E.g.: my mother. If she were still alive at 110, standing next to him at one of his rallies, and heard him curse and demean people, she would get a bar of soap & have him wash his mouth out. Any parent out there would definitely have reprimanded our children in a more positive way if they ever talked like Trump does.

So, people, try to have substantive, positive conversations with people you disagree with. If you do, I think you will discover that you agree on 96 percent of the issues. For the other 4, one side can have their way for 2 percent and the other side for the other 2 percent and wind up having a positive attitude like Mr. Browne above.

Jim Cross


(Who won’t be leaving Quincy/US like some people say they will if Trump wins)