Letter to the Editor: I worry about the 1 percenters

President Biden is trying to improve the lives of working Americans by promoting social programs that are common to other modern economies. To pull this off he wants to raise the taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

I worry about those poor rich folks and am concerned with the sacrifices they will have to make.  Things like not taking the family on a six-month trip to Europe or buying a new Mercedes every two years instead of every year, or not having a yacht and a mansion on each coast. Gotta be hard.  Of course, most of these one per-centers don’t rally work, you know; carried interest, capital gains, dividends, stock manipulation, privilege, inheritance laws.

Of course these social programs will help folks that work with their hands. Such as pushing plywood up on a roof deck, or bringing your hash at the restaurant, or are struggling with sick children and no health insurance, trying to keep a tired car running, maybe a small plumbing contractor, a retail worker,  shop owner, or a teacher. But then do these people really need help?  Why can’t they just work harder and spend less?

Don McKechnie

Sierraville and Sparks