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Letter to the Editor: I’m glad we’re finally talking

It’s nice, us finally talking about polarization. Even if it was a Right-biased, Rodney King moment. “People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along (our way)?” Maybe it’s a start.

We get it, the “group,” who shall remain individually nameless and wishes to instruct us all, doesn’t think Covid is an “emergency.” We know, Covid is the new “outrage.” Sorry, the ongoing “outrage.” Or, to be precise, the renewed “outrage.” Oh! The human suffering caused by masks! We know, Republicans have the only valid perspective and all the answers, and of course, it is only they who suffer.

Allow me to interject. Democrats are not responsible for stonewalling and hamstringing the political discourse. That’s Republicans. You mean, we should go along with all your plans, ask and answer only your questions, and behave the way you want us to, like sheep?

We know, Republicans have a hard time hearing anything that doesn’t tow their line and push their agenda. Everything else is unfair, extreme liberalism, or communism. They ever-so-self-righteously prefer to play from a stacked deck. We know.

Is it our job to remain silent, keep the peace, and do everything Republicans say? I, for one, have mentioned several times that I don’t appreciate the double standards and nasty attitudes. I don’t want to sweep it under the rug. I don’t like the lies, the racism, the bullying, the violence, the refusal to cooperate in any way.

The smallest suggestion and we’re trying to take your freedom, or we’re traitors. You need to take a good long look in the mirror. What’s happened to you? The accusations, the insults, the low-life friends, late nights on the internet. You thunder and rage, then sweet talk us for Valentine’s Day. Are we supposed to exist huddled in a corner like a battered Lifetime Movie wife waiting for you to speak? Then thank you?

Get off the Red Pills, man!

Listen, we’re here for you. Get it together.

Helene Day


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