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Letter to the Editor: In response to Congressman Kiley

Why is Representative Kiley trashing California? The ‘California Dream’ is on ‘life support’ – really? I didn’t know California even had a dream. Yes, apparently California does have the highest gas prices. But, Biden and the Democrats tried to pass the gasoline anti-gouging act – Republicans voted to kill the bill. Can’t blame Biden or the democrats on this one…

Side note: Democratic Governor Newsom signed the California anti gas price gouging law on 3/28/23.

Kiley’s link about ‘highest income taxes’ shows where California isn’t even in the top 10 for tax rates for those earning $75,000! Some of this ‘runaway inflation’ was indeed caused by the pandemic and supply chain issues, but most of it was caused by the higher gas prices. Democrats tried to fix it – Republicans voted NO.

And what’s the big deal with California losing population? Most people couldn’t care less but apparently that is a Fox so-called News talking point. I’m guessing that people are leaving California for a better life in Texas, or Florida, or Mississippi? I’ll help you pack…

How can Kiley be proud of voting to repeal the 87,000 IRS agents? The IRS has been gutted for over 10 years now, reducing staff, and performing fewer audits. If you are an honest person, you have nothing to worry about. Oh, I get it now. These IRS agents are not going after people making $75,000 or less, rather they are going after rich tax cheats. Kiley is only protecting the wealthy – his actual constituency.

H.R. 1, what usually reflects the most important bill for an incoming House, is nothing but a give away for the fossil fuel industry to produce more climate-killing fossil fuels. It waives environmental reviews so they can pollute more, removes the ability to prohibit freshwater-killing hydraulic fracturing, and removes presidential powers to restrict energy development on federal lands. It also reduces royalties for oil and gas extractors. It does nothing for the American people.

I thought the most important issues for Republicans (used against Democrats) is crime, the national debt, and the border. So, where is the Republican crime bill to reduce crime? Where is the bill to address their perceived ‘border problem’? Why do Republicans reduce taxes on the wealthy then complain about the debt?

The citizen Republican will probably never understand that Republican politicians only cater to the wealthy and will never pass bills to address the problems that that help all people. They continually use these ‘wedge issues’ on the citizen Republicans, never fix them, so they can use the same wedge issues election after election, year after year.

Finally, Kevin Kiley, if you hate California so much, please feel free to resign your office and let a real Californian take your place.

Mark Mihevc


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