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Letter to the Editor: In Response to “Thanks for the Coverage of Forum”


I am not going to be defined, defamed and marginalized by a man I don’t know. A man I have never met or talked to.  Nor am I going to let him trash my profession and my fellow associates who I respect and work with daily.

Stanley Thompson’s  derogatory statements were disrespectful. It’s obvious he is not a Realtor because Realtor’s don’t trash Realtors. It’s unethical. Turns out Stan is a transplant from Santa Barbara and a CA real estate agent.  I wonder why he still hangs his real estate license with a broker in Santa Barbara CA?  He’s  already bought  his dream properties here, two in Clio and one in Graeagle. So now, of course, he’s against anyone else wanting to move here and do the same. We all know that mentality.

Not every Realtor in PC is in it —  as Stan claims — for fast growth, short term profits, long term devastation nor are they advocates of rampant development, rapid growth and change.  I know I am not. I  have always favored  environmentally sound growth. Nakoma is proof.    It is a FACT that a community becomes more stable when citizens own their own homes rather than rent.  Last I heard it was — the American Dream!

The FACT that I am a real estate broker and developer, I think most would agree, is a major positive attribute for a candidate running for  Plumas County Supervisor. I’ve already experienced the ropes of government from the other side of the counter —  from the private side. The government benefited from the project too.

I still advocate using some or all of TOT taxes and reinvesting them back into our tourist economy from which they were generated. Let’s see if it will help stabilize and grow small businesses and create new jobs. TOT funds should be itemized as a revenue item and subcategorized by district in the annual budget and not buried in the General Fund lump sum.

We also need grant writers to help  us get back the money the State of CA takes from us. All I am proposing is getting things back to the good old days of 2002! When most folks were prospering.

It’s “crystal clear” to me that I am the best candidate. Vote for Mimi Garner.

Thank you.

Mimi Garner

Candidate for District 5 Supervisor

Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

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