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Letter to the Editor: In response to the criticism

Most Americans don’t know what it is like to defend a seditious, insurrectionary, and treasonous president and political party…

The writer, who wrote a letter regarding my position on the constitutionality of impeaching Trump for the 2nd time, begins by criticizing my comment regarding how many people have not read the US Constitution. Instead of writing that 74,222,958 people have not read the Constitution (interesting number), I elected to write a softer version. When a person has no valid arguments to support their position, this kind of deflection is often used. And words matter as much as reading comprehension. To wit, “a very large minority of voters” is quite clear that it is still a minority contradicting the claim of “If the minority was that large, could it possibly be a majority?” Answer: no.

Another criticism from the writer suggests that letter content should not include facts that should be widely known. The problem is that, beginning decades ago, civics education in our education system has been greatly reduced. All the cuts to education, the demonizing of our teachers and their unions, charter schools, and teaching ‘only to the test’ have destroyed our education system. For continuity and education (see above discussion) of those who do not know, the House is where impeachment begins. Once again, no valid criticism – just pettiness.

Regarding the failure to call impeachment witnesses and that the Senate agrees with the House, this is simply the logical conclusion that I believe to be true. I should have made that clear and the writer made a valid criticism of that point.

The next point from the writer suggests that a Supreme Court Judge cannot be impeached. That is incorrect – the President, the Vice President, and all civil officers are subject to impeachment including Supreme Court Justices. One such judge was impeached, but not removed from office. My opinion that Chief Justice Roberts can and should be impeached for purposefully ignoring the US Constitution is based on the provision that ‘When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside”. The operative word is ‘shall’ and Trump was the President when he was impeached. Senator McConnell purposefully did not call the Senate in session while Trump was still in office to receive the House impeachment notification. And no, any judge who is a ‘conservative’ does not necessarily have a better grasp of the Constitution than I do. Just look at all the Republican lies and corruption that has existed for decades and continues to exist today.

The last criticism is that the Supreme Court just doesn’t have enough time and has more important cases to work on. Really? Sedition, insurrection, treason by a US President is extremely important and a priority. Unlike Republicans who only pass legislation to reduce the tax on the wealthy, Democrats have the ability to do multiple tasks at one time, and expect the Judiciary to act as well. After all, it was an insurrection, i.e. a coup d’état and justice must be swift.

I welcome and appreciate any valid criticism. Everybody makes mistakes. I believe in the truth and facts. If I make a mistake, I welcome being corrected (with proof) because the truth is all that matters. How else can anybody ever make valid decisions? More people should try this approach.

Mark Mihevc


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