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Letter to the Editor: Inflation

People believe that our government is responsible for inflation.  Not quite.  It’s our economic system and those that take advantage of it.  Regarding the price of gasoline, the coal and oil guys don’t need to raise prices.  Currently they are as profitable as they have ever been.  They raise prices because they can.  Just like big Pharma with insulin, the EpiPen, and the other drugs that are massively overpriced.  This is Capitalism in action and since Adam Smith’s invisible hand is broken, capitalism is not working for ordinary Americans.  So, if you are worried about the high price of gasoline fuels, perhaps you can encourage Congress to break up those monopolies like another great Republican, Teddy Roosevelt did.  Use the antitrust laws to knee cap the corporations that are robbing working people.  Better do it before they pass another round of tax reductions for themselves… not you.  Oh yea: then there is the Russians and the Saudis who continue to jerk the west around with their oil manipulation.


Don McKechnie

Sierraville, Sparks

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