Letter to the Editor: Johns has our full support for Sheriff

We were born and raised here in Plumas County and are the 3rd generation owners of a local business that my family has owned and operated for over the last 40 years.
We have known Todd Johns our entire lives, both personally and professionally. We have attended numerous family functions, school sporting events, church, and community events together, as well as have helped each other through life’s obstacles. Furthermore, Todd has been a mentor to both me and my family.

Aside from personal and social events, we have also engaged with Todd in “a time of need,” during his time as a Deputy and a Sergeant. His presence always brought a sense of calm and stability to the situation due to his professionalism and knowledge of the job. Todd has always and continues to conduct himself with confidence and integrity.

Often times over the years, we have witnessed Todd both receiving phone calls, as well as greeting the public whom are asking “work related” questions while he is “off duty.” Fully understanding the Sheriff’s Office role is a 24/7 job, Todd would always take the time to give the Following the Dixie Fire, we were fortunate enough to see the work Todd put in to help with the fire clean up and recovery firsthand, due to our status as local contractors also working to clean up the aftermath of the devastation. Todd always displayed the highest level of respect and compassion for all Plumas County residents, as well as expressed extreme gratitude to responding agencies and contractors during and following the disaster.

We know and can personally guarantee that while Todd Johns is in the Sheriff’s seat, our family’s, our community’s and our county will have the most trustworthy, honest, and loyal servant leading this county forward. Furthermore, we are excited to see what he will contribute to the improvement of the county while not having the added pressure of the COVID pandemic or the Dixie Fire. We can rest easy knowing he will execute his duties of the Sheriff to the most exemplary extent and will continue to serve and protect the residents of our county as he would his own family.


We support Todd Johns for Plumas County Sheriff 2022

Jared and Cindy Pew
Crescent Mills