Letter to the Editor: Just curious about charter schools



Are Charter Schools funded in the district budget? How does the curriculum in a charter school differ from that in the regular school? Do the Charter School students have access to athletic facilities? Vocal and instrumental music? What are the advantages? How are the students selected for Charter School? What is the average class size? Are the teachers all certified?

Who paid for the portable in Taylorsville? Why is the existing school building in Taylorsville slated for “Outdoor Education” for the next school year instead of being used as a school? Under who’s direction is this “Outdoor Education?” Are school children involved?

It would seem to me that since funds for education are always short, better ways of spending those limited funds could be found. Segregating children into charter schools versus “regular schools” defies logic.
Didn’t we fight to get rid of segregation?

Anne Ruffner