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Letter to the Editor: Just for clarification

A quick search on Wikipedia revealed that Joseph de Maistre, H. L. Mencken, and Thomas Jefferson said, in the early part of the 1800s, that people get the government they deserve. Mencken’s version added an extra edge to the statement, but it’s safe to say that all three were “in the know.”

Regarding the alleged name-calling, beginning with terrorists, the hundreds of people who broke through police barriers to disrupt the lawful business of the U.S. Congress would be termed insurrectionists. Combining the actions taken with the threats that were made, particularly the threats directed at Vice President Pence, would make them terrorists.

From viewing a few of the photographs from Jan. 6th, it would appear that many of the participants had dressed for the occasion. One person in particular chose to wear a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt. One would reason that the choice of shirt indicates Nazi sympathies. Another person, claiming to be a “Qanon shaman,” chose to wear a Viking helmet with two horns, an animal pelt, and generous amounts of face, and upper-body paint. I hate to guess what his choice of attire indicates.

There have been reports that the founding principles of the “Proud Boys” advocate for both male- and white-supremacy. One report I read indicated that some of the “Proud Boys” dressed in black, in an attempt to masquerade as “Antifa.” Those people have chosen to identify themselves as “racist,” and as “other derogatory titles” (misogynist), and there might be a few more derogatory titles that could be employed.

Before I finish, I must point out two major contradictions in the LTE: you started by complaining about name-calling, then you went on about alleged “swamp creatures.” You also alleged that the Vice-President is somehow “anti-white”—well, her husband is Caucasian, so there goes that theory. If more than 100 million vaccine doses distributed and administered in fewer than 100 days was what you meant by the former president’s prediction, I’ll take it. And I hope to be lucky enough to stick around until Jan. 20, 2029, for the inauguration of President Harris. Though I’m not sure I’m good enough to deserve it.

Gene Nielsen

Crescent Mills

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