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Letter to the Editor: Karma and the Census

I got a visit from a census taker/counter yesterday, Aug. 14. This was my second visit by a taker/counter in person and I filled out the online form to be counted weeks ago. I told this to the Census employee and she said let’s get counted again. So, to put a little twist to this situation I asked if I could include my faithful and loyal cat to the count ? No I was told, can’t do that, so being the loyal Federal retiree that I am and a tax paying senior citizen, I answered the questions that were asked and I said thank you to the Census taker/counter and she left. Well I’m hoping I get counted only once in this process? At this stage of the game, I truly doubt it. To all the readers, this is our tax dollars that are paying for this service and we as taxpayers should expect more from this agency.

Bruce Borregaard


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