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Letter to the Editor: Knew it all along

Yep, Biden’s lost it. Told ya he’s senile. Just proved it again. He proves it every time he opens his mouth. Can you believe he didn’t secretly invite the Taliban to Camp David on 9/11? Who doesn’t do that? Trump would’ve handled this Afghanistan thing the right way — like a businessman. We know because…well, we just know.

Examples: Trump’s problem-free handling of the pandemic, building the wall (bought and paid for by Mexico) the new and improved, amazing health care plan for Americans. Donald Trump would never put women or girls in harm’s way. He wouldn’t let them into our country either if they’re foreigners. There’s Trump’s scholarly understanding of democracy. His unifying role as President. Most important though, he understands us, his people. That’s what we need in Afghanistan.

We need a leader. Someone who knows how to pass the buck. Someone who can do no wrong. Not a loser with a grasp of foreign policy and diplomacy, who takes responsibility.

Thank God Trump won and he’s really still the President.

It is completely Newsom’s and Fauci’s and Biden’s fault we still have COVID problems in California and the country. Those do-nothing meddlers made us wear a mask into Safeway and Leonard’s and Costco all year last year “for the safety of others.” Enough! What about our freedom!? They expect everyone to get vaccinated? Do these people not understand FREEDOM? Or realize how important it is to the vitality of this country for me to do whatever I feel like doing all the time? It’s what my parents taught me, and what I’m teaching my kids every single day. It’s in the constitution and what it means to be an American.

You’re telling us that unvaccinated people are getting sick in droves, going to the hospital, and dying because they’re unvaccinated? That vaccinated people now need a booster shot and we are being asked to wear masks again because unvaccinated people are wrecking things for everybody? That’s INSANE! Put the blame where it belongs — on Liberals like Newsom, Fauci, Biden, and on foreigners flooding across our borders. The problem, obviously, is that the vaccine isn’t what they promised it would be. I won’t be surprised when we find out this whole “COVID-19” was made up by Libs just to steal the election, steal our freedom, or steal our babies. All three! Too crazy to be just a “pandemic.”

Liberals are the biggest problem in California. Get rid of Newsom! Along with every other Liberal law and politician in California. Our biggest priority here has to be getting rid of the Libs. Not the drought, or the fires, or COVID or Climate Change. These things aren’t legitimate, or they’re exaggerated or completely misunderstood and mismanaged by Liberals and the Liberal media. Besides, we have our own ideas and theories, separate from the scientific community and experts, which we are one-hundred percent sure are better than any mainstream or universally accepted understanding of facts. We know our facts are better.

Libs can’t tell us it’s not perfectly legit to recall this duly elected Governor. It is our right! Quit trying to cancel us! Republicans know best, and we want him gone.

Three words: critical — race — theory.

“Democracy,” the way you see it, isn’t the most important thing. It’s how we see it. We’ve been more than clear that “fair” and “legitimate” elections aren’t important to us. It’s making sure we win elections. Even when the majority of American’s disagree with our views and behavior. We care what Tucker says. We care about talking points. It’s about power. We want it our way. Not important what you think or care about. Do you not see that yet?

Helene Day


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