Letter to the Editor: Let’s compare Clinton and Trump

Remember President Clinton’s impeachment? Here is a bit of background. There were 2 counts the House adopted. The first count was perjury (228 to 206) with the majority of the guilty votes (223) coming from Republicans. The second count was obstruction (221 to 212) with the majority of the guilty votes (216) coming from Republicans.

The Senate then conducted the trial of Clinton’s impeachment on the two articles of impeachment. The vote count on the perjury charge was 45 guilty to 55 not guilty with all 45 guilty votes coming from Republicans. On the obstruction charge, the vote was 50 to 50 with 50 Republican Senators voting guilty. The final result was not guilty on both charges.

In summary, a majority of House Republicans and Senate Republicans voted guilty on both charges against Clinton. What on Earth did Republicans accuse Clinton of doing?

Perjury and obstruction of justice are serious crimes. Did Clinton lie thousands and thousands of times throughout his term? Did Clinton lie almost every day during his presidency? Did Clinton ask hostile foreign countries to help steal and win his election? Did he ‘shake down’ an ally foreign country’s leader to help steal his election? Did Clinton lead an insurrection against the United States of America?


No, the Republican Party impeached President Clinton because he had consensual oral sex with an adult and Clinton basically (or should have) said it was none of your freaking business. That’s it. Republicans had to manufacture anything to disgrace this President and the Democrats because Clinton presided over not only a balanced budget but had multiple surpluses and had the highest total number of jobs created of any president – 18.7 million jobs. And Clinton had high job approvals throughout his presidency.

Contrast this with the Trump’s 2nd impeachment. Trump knew he was going to lose his reelection, so Trump along with Senators’ Cruz and Hawley and 148 Republican House members including LaMalfa, led a deadly insurrection against the United States of America. If they succeeded in assassinating VP Pence, Speaker Pelosi, and other Democratic ‘targets’, Trump would have declared Martial Law and would have completely taken over the US Government. We all could have been under the exclusive dictatorial rule by Trump.

Although the Senate found Trump guilty as charged (57 guilty – 43 not guilty), it did not meet the Constitutional 67 vote threshold and therefore the impeachment failed.

The majority of elected Republicans were willing to rip up the US Constitution, end the rule of law and justice in America, and terminate America’s democracy. This is what decent patriotic Americans have to deal with. Insurrection isn’t funny and it isn’t anything to ever forget.


All who live in America are bound by one and only one requirement – the absolute allegiance to the US Constitution and the resulting constitutional governance of the United States of America. Unity requires adherence to the laws of the land and work within the framework of the Constitution. Decent patriotic Americans do abide by this decree. Whose who don’t, like those who participated in the January 6, 2021 Republican Insurrection, need to first agree that we all live in the United States of America and are bound by the US Constitution and the rule of law.

Mark Mihevc