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Letter to the Editor: Libertarians do not condone violence

With regard to the Libertarian Party’s position about what happened at our Capitol, and as a new Libertarian myself, I have to say that neither party in this American duopoly represents what Libertarians believe or stand for. We certainly did not condone the violent and deadly and destructive riots that continued all summer, or the violent and deadly riots that happened at the Capitol. All of them, all of them are an assault on our freedom as Americans.

Whether you count yourself among those that did not speak out against this summer’s violence because you may have considered it a righteous cause, or those who were appalled at both (as I am), you will agree that all of the violence, committed by so many, is simply not okay and not the America we want to live in. If we don’t listen to all protestors and rioters, and if we judge one group as better than the other, we not only miss the point, we drive them deeper in to violence by our own judgement, or worse, indifference.

Libertarians are always about liberty and freedom, but don’t be misled, we do not condone violence from the left or the right. Violence is not the way we will help our country, and is only furthering the large, vast, and dangerous divide between us.

Cheryl Trenwith


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