Letter to the Editor: Lies Matter

In politics, lies matter as does commitment to selfless public service. Our Republican form of Democratic government places the welfare of its citizens in the hands of those we elect to represent us. If elected officials use lies to gain favor and then promote their own self-interests above the welfare of their constituents, Democracy fails, and citizens become pawns in that legislator’s quest for power.

A true servant of the public uses facts and science to guide his/her legislative vote. Failure to do so can have devastating results. Case in point: Climate Change denial. Climate change and global warming were identified as genuine scientific concerns in the 1970’s. Since then, Republican administrations as well as Republican-held Congresses have denied the existence of human caused climate change, choosing instead to promote corporate profits above health and the future of this planet. If climate change had been addressed 50 years ago, could the fires that destroyed Greenville, Canyon Dam, Indian Falls, and Paradise have been averted? What about all the other catastrophic weather-related events that have occurred worldwide and killed, starved, or displaced millions?

How about Covid lies? The number of Covid deaths in our nation was disproportionately higher than the rest of the world. Recent evidence has shown that the CDC under the previous Republican administration suppressed or altered numerous reports to the public. Instead of promoting the facts, elements within the Republican Party portrayed masks as violations of personal freedom and vaccines as a means for the government to microchip or otherwise cause harm. If mask and vaccine deniers had not confused and poisoned the public, there likely would have been far fewer than 1,000,000+  fatalities. Unsurprisingly, death rates were greater in areas of high Republican voter registration where masks and vaccines were disparaged.

Three trump appointees to the Supreme Court testified that they would not overturn settled law. They lied! Their recent decision in the Dobbs case  overturned Roe v Wade and now the conservative court is poised to overturn settled law regarding LGBT and minority protections, gut legislation that protects our air and water quality, and possibly will impede access to contraception.

Trump’s “Big Lie” incited an insurrection intended to prevent the peaceful transition of power. As we learned from the January 6 House Hearings, radical White Nationalists, spurred on by trump lies, stormed the capitol building to prevent or disrupt the certification of the election. 5 deaths resulted, 138 capitol police officers were wounded, and four other officers later committed suicide.


Corporations have given 40 million dollars to the Sedition Caucus, 147 members of Congress who refused to certify trump’s loss. Despite the loss of 61 court challenges at state and federal levels, the falsehood continues to be pushed. Likewise, the evidence presented by primarily Republican witnesses during the January 6 House Committee hearings, many of these legislators, and others at the state level including  District 3 Republican Congressional candidate and trump lackey, Kevin Kiley, still promote the “Big Lie” as a reward for corporate campaign funding and to cast doubt on the legitimacy of elections.

Kiley has deliberately lied in the attack ads he uses against his opponent for Congress, Dr. Kermit Jones. He has gone so far as to negatively photoshop pictures of Dr. Jones. After 9/11, Dr. Kermit Jones gave up his practice to serve in the military as a surgeon for two terms. He served in the Obama administration to help improve health care for veterans. Once again, a doctor in the private sector, Dr. Jones is hoping to continue his service to the people of this district. His commitment is to serve all people in this district. The choice is clear – a liar or a public servant! Please vote for Dr. Kermit Jones for Congress!

Faith Strailey

Quincy 530-283-2604