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Letter to the Editor: Look at the science

Scientific models and simulations are tools used by scientists to explain and predict the behavior of our natural environment, like weather or how atomic particles behave. Most models require complex computer programs, mathematics, and extremely talented scientists to put it all together.

Meteorologists, TV weather forecasters, and weather websites use the various weather models to provide their weather reports. Basically, these reports are accurate. They do what they are supposed to do and that is give a general forecast of the coming weather.

Their models aren’t perfect. The temperatures might be off. Predicted snowstorms might diminish into rain. What they do is provide a general assessment of the coming weather. Would you say their models are wrong because they weren’t 100% accurate? No. To say that ‘all models are inherently wrong’ is to admit a lack of understanding as to the purpose and complexity of what models are and how they are used.

Scientists do make some assumptions in their models because of the complexity of what’s being modeled. It isn’t a flaw rather it reveals what scientists still need to figure out. There is nothing nefarious about assumptions and scientists are always refining their models to become more accurate.

Scientists are fundamentally truth-seekers. They love their work and strive for perfection. But, there are bad scientists and usually it is because of money or politics. For instance, the tobacco scientists knew smoking kills, but greedy tobacco company executives squashed the truth. It didn’t matter how many humans they killed due to their product.

Another example is the rogue COVID19 ‘scientists’ who gave false information on cures or downplayed the COVID19 vaccines and the usage of masks. This is a political motive.

Oil companies’ scientists actually told their management that burning gasoline would contribute significantly to warming the Earth. This reporting was in the 1960s, 70’s, and the 80’s. The oil executives not only hid the truth about global warming, they spent millions to brainwash Americans into believing that global warming was a hoax.

There is no political or monetary motivation for climate scientists and those who are sounding the alarm of our climate emergency. They are trying to save humanity. Climate models (accurate and imperfect like weather models) and actual data show that our Earth is warming significantly and once it reaches the point of no return, human life will most likely cease to exist.

Anybody can find websites that support one’s opinion. I rarely use wikipedia because anybody can submit and modify wikipedia entries. I suggest people look at science and truth based websites for their information.

Mark Mihevc



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