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Letter to the Editor: Money, money, money

I am pleased to be able to report that FRC Superintendent Trutna has finally acted on the issue of a “misplaced” $500,000 debt after my first raising the issue almost a year ago, and which was the subject of my letter to this newspaper last week. A new contract will be presented to the Trustees next month, with an addendum “which is favorable to FRC” according to Superintendent Trutna. While this news does not exactly say FRC will be paid the outstanding $500,000 in full, we can certainly hope so. After all, FRC will need all the funds it can find in the coming fiscal year as enrollment will certainly be down and costs will be up. The college has enjoyed several years of increasing State funding support, but the current crisis has colleges across the State and Country freezing hiring and otherwise restricting investment and capping costs for hard times to come. I will look forward to reading and reporting on the forthcoming contract and addendum to see if it fully recovers the debt. After all it’s your money!

Dr. Trent Saxton

FRC Trustee, District 1

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