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Letter to the Editor: Mother Nature’s final warning shot

Reading the first paragraph of the piece titled ‘The leading edge of extreme climate change – do the math’, I was thinking, finally someone here besides me who understands global warming/climate disruption. Then I read the rest of the piece.

Scientists have studied and predicted global warming for 40+ years. Models/data were presented decades ago. The culprit is CO2 and is caused by humans burning coal, oil, and other carbon-based fuels. Climate disruption is not cause by overpopulation (although a real issue) and not caused by over-consumption unless the writer meant over-consumption of fossil fuels.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, plant and other life were buried and compressed as the biological processes to decompose life forms had yet developed. Natural processes sequestered this CO2 in the form of coal, oil, and others (e.g. natural gas) and resulted in fossil fuels today. The removal of sufficient CO2 and oxygen producing life forms eventually led to human life.

When humans burn this fossil fuel, the carbon in the form of CO2 is released back into the atmosphere. Increased CO2 in the atmosphere traps more heat (the greenhouse gas effect), and feedback loops (e.g. the liberation of methane) add additional greenhouse gases. This is what causes adverse climate change for life on earth.

Mother Nature has fired her last warning shot. Atmospheric CO2 accumulation is the cause of more and intense wildfires. Killer heat waves, rain and 100 degree temperature in the Artic, more and intense tornados, prolonged drought, flooding, and increased average Earth temperatures are all caused by CO2.

The solution of renewable energy is not fantastical as the writer suggests. Solar electricity already contributes 97 gigawatts to the grid and is the equivalent to powering 18 million average American homes. With wind and hydro energy, we can plug the hole that is causing CO2 to accumulate in the atmosphere and begin making our climate normal.

We need to immediately transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The Democrat’s Build Back Better bill begins the process. Finally, I had to laugh: ‘citizens of Plumas County are more adaptive than most people’. Really? They cannot even adapt to a killer pandemic.

Mark Mihevc


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