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Letter to the Editor: Mr. Senator it would be better if you lost your job

Words cannot express the tremendous sadness I feel after the needless deaths in Uvalde last week. I am ashamed to be an American…that’s how bad it is.

And I am also angry. This is primarily directed at our government that repeatedly fails to pass any meaningful legislation to mitigate these senseless killings. The idea of arming the teachers won’t work; it’s just lip service to mollify constituents who fear the loss of gun rights. I am also angry at the NRA that buys its power by putting large amounts of money into the pockets of Republican congressmen. Afterall, If you give any one person a lot of money they will likely become indebted to you, at least to some degree. Yes, money does talk.

I recently read about one U.S. Senator who, when asked about supporting stricter gun laws, came back with, “If I did that I’d lose my job.” My answer, “Mr. Senator, your failure to pass laws that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people is directly related to the gun deaths of children and adults all over this country. It’s not about losing your job sir, because it would be better if you lost it anyway.”

Robbin Anderson

Portola, CA

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