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Letter to the Editor: My heart is breaking

My heart is breaking for the loss of Greenville.  I was born there in the little 2-room hospital and delivered by Dr. Batson July 28, 1952.  My Dad was across the street waiting at the Pioneer Club for me to be born.  My dad worked for PG&E and we lived in the PG&E employee camp by Canyon Dam.  When My Dad retired from PG&E he moved back to Greenville.  I enjoyed visiting him and going fishing.  We also often visited our family friends Mike and Echo Ayoob who lived across the street from the school and owned Ayoob’s Store in Greenville. On my 40th birthday my family and friends came to help me celebrate my birthday at the Pioneer Club.  We had a Blast!  I will treasure my times and memories of that  little town.  God Bless you who lost your homes and much more.  You are in my Prayers every day!

Linda Stall

Born in Greenville

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