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Letter to the Editor: My sentiments exactly

Thanks to Meg Upton for a great Where I Stand. She shared many of my feelings as well. It is important to hear from those in the thick and thin of it.

What I want to add is some of the heart opening, heart breaking and outrage of my experience volunteering at the Les Schwab event last Sunday. First of all, there were many hard working and kind hearted volunteers. Working nonstop without a break. We gave away such simple things to many of us, like toiletries, pillows, tents, diapers, clothing, drinks, blankets, etc.. People were so appreciative because they have almost nothing.

Then there were those who were more concerned with having their picture taken and boasting about what they are in charge of vs. helping. The most frustrating and shocking of all was the coordinator who appeared quite overwhelmed and disorganized, which is understandable in these chaotic times, but then she proceeded to become argumentative and extremely disrespectful to volunteers and those who have driven very long distances to unload precious supplies to our county. I heard a couple of these organization say they would never come back to our county again.

She then proceeded to go back to them and attempt to apologize and hug them for a very inappropriately long time without their permission, saying over and over how much she loved them. I watched this behavior several times and it even repeated itself with the some of the same people. I tried to intervene but got the same disrespect and rudeness.  So, my question is, who screens people to be in charge of such an important event and one that is helping so many vulnerable people? We have enough chaos to add unecesarry drama to folks who are already traumatized. We need to be more mindful and careful of who we put in charge of our community events.


Shelley Morrison


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